Custom hardware, software, system development

From idea to implementation,
from production to operation!


We create solutions

We can provide a complete, quality IT solution for our customers and partners:

  • Mechanical, electronic, design, development and manufacturing,
  • embedded and high-level programming,
  • prototype and series production
  • and operational support.

We have control over all the elements of the systems we develop, and we can expand, service and operate them.

Our company is at your disposal:

  • Design and implementation of custom IT systems
  • In low-voltage hardware development
  • In software development
  • Operation and support of IT systems

Research + Development

Through continuous development, we have gained significant experience in contactless identification, measurement data collection, satellite positioning and traffic information.

We keep up to date with the latest technologies, whether it's 3D printing, fingerprint-based identification or even number plate recognition.

We have been awarded many IT development tenders to develop and implement our ideas.


Mechanical engineering, design and manufacture

Our engineers work with the latest 3D CAD/CAM design software, from enclosures to mounting elements, from design to support columns, to ensure the professional engineering of your product.

For the devices we develop, we design modern, functional mechanical designs that can meet a wide range of needs:

  • weatherproof
  • vandal-proof
  • operational safety
  • ergonomic
  • static safety
  • long service life

For prototyping, we use 3D printing technology to ensure the right vision of the desired design before it goes into production.

The use of reliable, long-lasting materials and decades of trusted supplier relationships guarantee the quality of production.


Low current electronics design and manufacture

Our expert and versatile team of engineers can design everything from system designs to custom printed circuit boards using the latest computer-aided design tools, to the highest quality.

  • Design and manufacture of custom printed circuit boards
  • Testing, preparation of measurement records
  • Electronics service
  • Using cost-effective solutions
  • Obtaining and issuing the necessary certifications (from contact protection approval to EMC testing and compliance with specific standards)

Embedded and high-level programming, software development

Whether it's low-level programming or even the latest object-oriented programming languages, market-leading technologies and community services, our skilled software development team can not only build the applications you need, but also provide on-demand system implementation, support and operations.

  • Low- and high-level object-oriented languages (C, C++, Delphi, Java... etc.)
  • Database construction, management, data mining, analysis programs
  • Taxation, finance, public transport systems
  • Desktop and mobile apps, device-specific programs
  • Web development (JS, ANGULAR, REACT, CSS3, PHP, MYSQL, MSSQL, Python... etc.)