Data mining, analysis and statistics system

Informed decisions, more effective service


A comprehensive picture of efficiency and economy


By analysing data, the company can operate more efficiently, plan schedules, drive, manage, improve passenger experience and satisfaction, and plan for the future.

Our solution is capable of using factual data from all the data capture tools and software in the system to produce complex relational analyses and statistics that provide a comprehensive picture of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the company's operations.

The relations can be parameterized both in time and in actors, they can be expanded and contracted, and the results obtained can be displayed and exported in various formats.

The requested statistical profiles are stored in the system and can be forwarded, for example, at a specific time to the authorised manager to assist his/her decision-making.


Benefits of using the system


  • Passenger counts and seat occupancy
  • Fuel management
  • Traffic and journey time analyses
  • SLA compliance statements
  • Operational analyses
  • Map line-thicknesses
  • Statements and analyses based on automated and actual measurements
  • Multi-sensor BIG DATA recording