Passenger counting system

Manual and automated solution with high accuracy


Count the passengers!


Accurate passenger numbers are an important factor in modern traffic management. It determines the number and type of services to be operated on a given route and at a given time to optimise utilisation. Well-optimised routing results in more economical operation, more comfortable and more attractive public transport.

We offer a solution that is efficient for the continuous and automatic determination and processing of the exact number of passengers.

The camera system is able to distinguish individual human figures in the moving crowd and separate them by direction of movement, counting and recording those who get on and off the bus continuously and automatically. A software processing system helps to analyse the data, thus allowing better plan management for optimal command.

For ad hoc passenger counts, our mobile application can help you to manually record data, even in direct contact with passengers, and also to fill in travel satisfaction questionnaires.


Preparation of the statement

The system automates the generation of reports, making it easy to plan the optimal number of flights and their availability.


Benefits of using the system


  • The counting accuracy of the automated hardware system is more than 96%
  • Continuous measurement and data collection
  • It can also function as an additional security camera
  • Mobile app with ad hoc, manual passenger counting, with satisfaction questionnaires