Community information and advertising monitor system

Modern, dynamic passenger information,
with optional advertising


Interactive passenger information and advertising at the same time!


HC Linear Technical Development Ltd. LCD displays from the OBD (On-Board Display) range are specifically designed for the on-board environment.

Whether for travel information, advertising, entertainment, or a combination of these, the display-integrated controller, which can also play Full HD videos, the customisable design, multiple sizes and modularity, standalone and multi-monitor architecture can cater for all customer needs.


Multiple sizes, multiple options!

The monitor can display not only passenger information according to the current vehicle's position, special dispatch messages, but also stationary advertisements, information and films.

The system will enable the transport company to provide high-quality, consistent interactive information, enhance the passenger experience and generate additional advertising revenue. The advertising system is able to handle advertising displays linked to time periods, route groups, geographical locations, with detailed statistics and passenger counting system data. This gives an accurate picture of how many passengers have seen a particular display.


Travel information functions

The control unit integrated in the display can be connected to the on-board passenger information computer via an Ethernet interface, enabling the system to implement the following passenger information functions:

  • On-board computer synchronised accurate time display
  • Show current flight number and destination
  • Route-based, real-time stop display with arrival time display
  • Show transfer links
  • Display of image, text and video-based information
  • Free playback of commercials, advertisements, announcements linked to GPS position and predefined playlist, either full screen or split-screen with passenger information

Benefits of using the system


  • Travel information, advertising, entertainment
  • A customisable look
  • Available in various (even custom) sizes and colours
  • Vandal-resistant design
  • Central management software for media content and playlists
  • Integrated control unit, multiple interfaces
  • Low maintenance