Real-time traffic management system

Dynamic, real-time


Modern solution for traffic management


The aim of modern traffic management is to provide a modern service to the travelling public while at the same time ensuring that the operation is efficient, reliable and transparent.

The on-board computer on the vehicles provides two-way communication via GPRS to the dispatching service database server, such as the vehicle ID, departure time or GPS coordinates during the journey, the instantaneous speed and the deviations in the timetable that can be estimated on this basis. In the event of changes, the dispatcher and the driver are immediately informed of the changes thanks to online two-way communication and can perform their tasks more efficiently.

Based on the incoming data, the dispatcher can display the position of the vehicles in real time on a map or a line graph. The system is capable of automatic dispatch management, disturbance management, dispatch modification, traffic management, logging and plan/actual comparison in real time using the RealTime dispatch log software.

It is also possible to establish a text and acoustic link between the driver and the dispatcher, and to view emergency audio (hidden microphone) and video (camera).

By using the real-time traffic management system, the dispatcher can also inform passengers uniformly about the traffic situation and incidents via the passenger information system.


Management of conflicts prediction

The system proactively predicts expected problems in dispatching, which allows for timely changes in the implementation of dispatching, resource grouping, and the launch of relief and relief flights.


Benefits of using the system


  • Real-time traffic management with two-way communication between dispatcher and driver
  • Immediate task management and change management in case of change, transmission of instructions to the vehicle in real time, immediately
  • Anticipating expected problems
  • Fleet management
  • Indication of delay or urgency to the driver and dispatcher
  • Support for automatic journey planning
  • Green-way request (traffic light preference)
  • Travel information