Internet and mobile passenger information

Desktop and Android / IOS mobile phone app


Passenger information in hand and on the table


The software solution for the travelling public provides easy-to-understand, real-time timetable information, trip planning and other convenience features, either through a browser or smart phone app, on desktop and mobile computers.

The program can give you an accurate picture of the current position of active trains, as well as information about their arrival at stops - including any information that may differ from the timetable.


Benefits of using the system


  • Dynamic and real-time data-driven application
  • Train and stop search, map, virtual stop sign, unique QR code stop identification
  • Online traffic news, public information, news, programs
  • Route planning using public transport
  • Map showing tourist and city attractions, places of public interest, ticket and pass sales points
  • Advertising opportunity and revenue
  • Customizable design with a unique interface