Tyre pressure monitoring system

Safety and efficiency


Correct tyre pressure = safety and efficiency!


Sensors mounted in the vehicle's wheels measure and transmit the tyre pressure and temperature values for that wheel. The on-board device displays the data in real time and alerts the driver in case of dangerous pressures and temperatures, allowing him to intervene in time to avoid an accident caused by overheated or low-pressure tyres.

Continuously correct tyre pressure also contributes to optimal fuel consumption.

The data collected by the sensors is transmitted by the on-board computer to the central server, which allows the data to be evaluated and analysed for more efficient tyre and fuel management.


Benefits of using the system


  • Real-time pressure and temperature values for all tyres of the vehicle
  • Immediate alarm to the driver and the control centre in case of dangerous values
  • Reducing additional operating and fuel consumption costs due to under-inflated tyres